TARGET group at SLAC.  We are developing and testing new front end electronics for the Cherenkov Telescope Array camera prototypes. Me and my collaborator Germán Arturo Gómez Vargas at Isola Vulcano in Italy
OSU Graduation
 Me and my PhD adviser Brian Winer at my graduation from The Ohio State University Me and my undergraduate thesis adviser Marj Corcoran at my graduation from Rice University
 Me at Fermilab checking the temperature dependence performance of an optical fiber with liquid nitrogen Me rotating the dome of the 0.8 meter telescope at McDonald Observatory.  Needed to get the flat field (i.e. a big white screen) into the field of view for calibrations
Me performing the "Fun with Physics" show at the Ohio State Fair.  Here I'm about to transfer the potential energy of that weight into kinetic energy of the water in that bottle all over our audience members in the "splash zone"Me and Louise Suter after telling Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren why funding High-energy Physics is so important.  With Congresswoman Lofgren it was an easy sell, she is a great friend of HEP!

 Me and my husband Dylan Zanow in Kathmandu, Nepal"I'm excited to know how science works. I'm pretty sure Andrea knows, because she's a wizard, and she knows a lot."

- Jaden Price